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Darkgurls' log

2 August
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I am goth, I love to laugh, I love to smile, I love life as well as my life. I don't want to hurt myself or others, I don't want the world to go away, I don't want people to die. I am a happy and perky goth. My favorite singer of all time is SADE! I love this woman she is awesome and can not be duplicated so no one should ever try. My kids will grow up listening to her music just like I did. I love any and everything about Japan, I wish I could live there. I am in the process of trying to read, speak and write japanese and one day I will learn them all. I love to read (mainly fantasy) books, I love to write I write my own stories as well as fanfics. I love to dance and am willing to learn new dance moves which I catch on quick. I love to crochet, my fav things to crochet are clothes for babies and kids. My biggest fav is amigurumis, I love them.